Life After Whisky - Reincarnating Your Old Whisky Bottles

Are you looking to hide the evidence of a heavy weekend with your favourite tipple? Fear not, we've complied the most creative and innovative ways that you can reincarnate your old whisky bottles in style!

1. Dangling Decanters
Why keep your decanters on the shelf? Hang them up and show them off for a sophisticated focal point. 

2. Fairy Light Bottle
Simple, yet effective! Pop some cheap battery operated fairy lights into one of your empty bottles and prepare to be amazed over the romantic vibes it'll give off. 

3. Soap Dispenser
Why would you not wash your hands in style? Give your guests a giggle and pour some clear soap into your beverage of choice. 

4. Tiki Torch
Baby, it's cold outside! We love these tiki torches for the colder months approaching. 

5. Salt and Pepper
Feel guilty for raiding the hotel mini bar? Don't worry - miniatures are perfect for salt and pepper shakers! 

6. Flower Vase
He loves me, he loves me not... simple and unusual bottles are perfect for holding your favourite flowers! 

7. Steampunk Light
We can't get over this stunning steampunk pulley light! A little more technical than the rest, but worth the wow factor.  

8. The Ultimate Chandelier
And last but not least...the ultimate stag chandelier! This one is definitely for dedicated whisky fanatics (check out the amount of bottles required to fulfil this beauty!), but it'll be sure to dazzle anywhere its featured. 

angela esposito