Launched by a group of passionate whisky collectors - Whisky Buyers aims to provide a simple way for people to sell their unwanted whisky at a fair price.

Putting your whisky collection up for auction can be a long and arduous process that requires you to send your whisky in weeks ahead of time and wait several weeks to receive payment - if it sells. There is also no guarantee on what price you will receive and there will be auction fees to chip away at any money you do make.

Whisky Buyers offer a simple alternative to auctions that ensures you get a reasonable price for your whisky and you receive the money immediately, either in cash or via bank transfer - your choice.



Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to be the first name you think of when looking to get a fair price for your unwanted whisky


Our Values

Clear Communication

From your initial whisky valuation, right through to payment, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Personal Service

We are happy to arrange a visit to pick up your whisky collection. If your collection is under 12 bottles and you are over 100 miles from our location in Glasgow we reserve the right to send a courier at our own expense to pick up your collection.


Honest Assessments

Our assessments are based on our extensive knowledge and deep passion for whisky. Regardless of the age or prestige of your whisky we will always make you a fair offer.

Fair Pricing

The offer you receive for your whisky will be what we believe to be a reasonable price that reflects its true value. The offer we make for your whisky is valid for 7 days so there is no pressure to make a decision immediately.