We appreciate that before selling your whisky you might have some questions so we have pulled together some of the most common.

Still got questions? We are happy to answer them, contact us via the form.


Do you buy any whisky?

Yes, we will make an offer on all collections.

How far do you travel to collect whisky?

We can collect Uk wide, if your collection is under 12 bottles or you are based more than 100 miles from our location in Glasgow we may use on of our trusted courier partners.


Age, condition and brand are the primary factors. When valuing we will also consider additional factors such as availability, cask numbers, how many were bottled, limited editions and current market conditions 

Do i have to decide straight away?

No all of our offers are valid for 7 days.

Is there a fee if i decide not to sell?

No however we are whisky buyers and not a free valuations service. Please only contact us if you are serious about selling your whisky collection

How long does it take to receive payment?

We will pay same day in cash or via bank transfer - your choice.